The Detroit Tigers should be in on this star player

There's no reason why the Detroit Tigers shouldn't be in on this star player.
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We've talked all offseason about how its time for the Detroit Tigers to act like a serious organization. One way to do that would be to inquire about a star player. Well, it just so happens that one is available for trade — one that fits what the Tigers want to do offensively to a tee.

This might be controversial, but I'm going to say it anyway. Here goes *inhales* the Detroit Tigers should be in on Juan Soto.

There's no reason not to be. Even if they aren't able to strike a deal, they should still be all over the Juan Soto sweepstakes, especially considering what the Padres are rumored to want in return.

Recently, the Yankees were considered the frontrunners, but are now reportedly far apart in trade talks. Apparently, the Padres asked for a six-player package in return for one year of Juan Soto. They are asking for the moon and then some.

To say Soto would be worth it would be an understatement. He's walked more than he's struck out over the entire course of his career. He's coming off a 5.5 fWAR season. His defense isn't great, but if he's going to put up a 150 wRC+ or better, who cared how bad is defense is?

The Padres reportedly wanted RHPs Michael King and Drew Thorpe, among others, in return for Soto. Based on that, we can assume the Padres want arms in a Soto trade. Well, what's the one thing the Tigers have an abundance of? You guessed it, pitchers, especially starters.

If I'm Scott Harris, I'm calling A.J. Preller and I'm immediatey throwing out two names as a feeler to start out: Matt Manning and Ty Madden. Manning has big league experience and three years of team control left, and Madden is likely only about a year away from the majors.

I'd even throw in Wilmer Flores. He might be a reliever long term, but he still has a lot of upside. If the Padres want arms, the Tigers can give them arms.

If the Tigers were to acquire Juan Soto, they should also seriously consider giving him an extension. That goes without saying. He's going to want a monster contract, but he'd be worth every penny. With his plate discipline, it would be a contract that should age well, too.

And even if they only get him for a year, the impact he would have on the team would be monumental. Soto is a generational talent, and the Tigers need to at least inquire about him.

For too long, the Tigers have sat on the sidelines while other teasm have acquired star players. It's time for Scott Harris to grow a pair and take a shot. Again, even if he isn't able to get him, at least he can say he tried. Maybe he feels like the Padres' price is too high. That's fine. At least they were in on Soto.

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