This Detroit Tigers Starter jacket is a must have for 2024


Get ready to step into the time machine because we're about to take a nostalgic trip through the glory days of Starter jackets. But hold onto your hats – or should I say jackets – because there's a twist: new Detroit Tigers Starter jackets are dropping today!

Go back 30 years or so and Starter jackets were the epitome of cool. With their bold colors and iconic logos, they were more than just jackets – they were a statement. And now, thanks to a stroke of fashion genius, MLB Starter jackets are back on the scene, ready to reignite that '90s nostalgia.

But why are Starter jackets so legendary? Well, it's all about that perfect blend of sports and style. Whether you're a die-hard baseball fan or just love a good throwback, these jackets are the ultimate way to show your team pride while keeping things fresh.

So here's the deal: today's the day to snag your piece of history. Don't miss out – grab yours now and take a trip down memory lane in style.

Homage /

Homage X Starter Detroit Tigers Jacket

From Homage: “HOMAGE is excited to reissue the iconic MLB STARTER satin jacket in an exclusive limited edition release. A certified nineties throwback, our exclusive vintage-inspired HOMAGE x STARTER Satin Jackets are built for the dugout, with all the classic details of the original: full-snap buttons, slip pockets, and the essential interior patch.

“The unforgettable star of the STARTER logo remains an instantly recognizable symbol of early 90s swag. The sportswear brand became associated with classic hip-hop and Hollywood in the early part of the decade, when stars from Eddie Murphy to Brooke Shields to DJ Jazzy Jeff sported STARTER's outerwear, headwear, hoodies, and more. As a comfort-focused brand obsessed with the stories that move us, HOMAGE is thrilled to showcase such an iconic piece of nineties street fashion culture. Pay homage!”

Don’t wait. Order yours today for the 2024 season and pay homage. 

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