Tigers: 2 reasons why Eduardo Rodriguez would want to stay in Detroit, 1 why he wouldn't

Eduardo Rodriguez has an opt-out in his contract at the end of the year, but will he use it?
Detroit Tigers v Seattle Mariners - Game One
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2. He's pitching the best baseballl of his career as a Tiger

E-rod had a couple of good years in Boston, but he never pitched like this. This is a borderline ace level season he's having.

His ERA, walks per nine, and home runs per nine are all the lowest of his career. He's on pace for the third-highest WAR of his career. If he starts racking up some more strikeouts, he could eclipse his career high in that category.

He's doing this all in a Tigers uniform. He was obviously an Al Avila signing, but Scott Harris has said that he wants to sign players that can get better in Detroit, and E-rod has certainly done that.

If he likes it in Detroit, and he's pitching better in Detroit, it's hard to see why he would leave.