Tigers 2023 MLB Draft: Everything you need to know, how to watch

The Detroit Tigers have a very important draft for their future coming up in less than a week.
May 24, 2023; Kansas City, Missouri, USA; Detroit Tigers center fielder Riley Greene (31) hits a
May 24, 2023; Kansas City, Missouri, USA; Detroit Tigers center fielder Riley Greene (31) hits a / Peter Aiken-USA TODAY Sports

We are rapidly approaching time for the 2023 MLB Draft where the Detroit Tigers will yet again be picking quite highly. With the Tigers seemingly on the slow upswing through this rebuild, this draft could be the highest that they pick for a while.

As is customary, this is a reminder that the MLB Draft does not work the same way that the NBA and NFL drafts do. You will not see wall-to-wall coverage of the MLB Draft like other drafts (although they are growing their coverage at least). Here are the answers to a few common questions: No, teams cannot trade most types of draft picks and no, it is highly unlikely that you will see anyone picked this year for a while with a couple years out being the best case scenario in most situations.

To help get you started on the goings on with the 2023 MLB Draft and the Tigers’ place in it, here is a quick primer. 

Detroit Tigers Picks and Draft Bonus Pool

The MLB draft does have a draft lottery and the results of the first draft lottery in league history gave the Tigers the third overall pick in the draft despite having the sixth worst record in the league in 2022. The lottery only applies to the first round, though, as they will be picking sixth in every other round. However, they do have an extra pick in the competitive balance round (#37 overall) between rounds 1 and 2.

The MLB Draft employs a bonus pool system which basically means you add up the slot values of a team’s rounds 1-10 picks and that is their bonus pool for the entire draft. In the 2023 draft, the Tigers have the second highest bonus pool in the draft at $15,747,200. This should allow them to make some overslot signings assuming they don’t have to spend too much on their first pick.

Who could the Tigers pick in the 2023 MLB Draft?

This is definitely the year to be picking in the top 5 as there is a pretty big dropoff in perceived talent after that. The Tigers would certainly be interested in Dylan Crews or Paul Skenes if they drop out of the top two, but the consensus at the moment at least from mock drafts like those from MLB Pipeline and Baseball America is that Detroit will either take Wyatt Langford, a tooled up outfielder from the University of Florida, or Walker Jenkins, a sweet swinging outfield prospects out of the North Carolina high school ranks. Both would be big time prospects to get and in a lot of drafts, they would be strong candidates to go #1 overall.

How to watch the 2023 MLB Draft

July 9th: Rounds 1-2

Start Time: 7 PM EST

Where to watch: ESPN and MLB Network

Streaming: MLB.com

July 10th: Rounds 3-10

Start Time: 2 PM EST

Where to watch: Streamed on MLB.com

July 11th: Rounds 11-20

Start Time: 2 PM EST

Where to watch: Streamed on MLB.com

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