Tigers make a flurry of roster moves that bring Javy Báez back to Detroit

Detroit Tigers v Arizona Diamondbacks
Detroit Tigers v Arizona Diamondbacks / Chris Coduto/GettyImages

Well, it was fun while it lasted, everyone. Javy Báez has been missing from the Tigers' lineup since June 11, when he went onto the IL with lumbar spine inflammation, and although fans have had to deal with watching Ryan Kreidler strike out 37.5% of the time, it was somehow less painful than watching known Tigers albatross Báez do it.

He started a rehab assignment in Triple-A on June 2, and manager AJ Hinch's comments about that assignment needing to be "extensive" gave fans some hope that Báez would have an even more prolonged absence and spare us from wanting to throw something at our TV sets every time he stepped up to bat.

However, after batting well in Triple-A, the Tigers officially reinstated him back to the roster and optioned Kreidler back to Toledo ahead of the start of their seven-game home stand in Detroit.

Javy Báez reinstated, Ryan Kreidler optioned; Parker Meadows to IL, Akil Baddoo recalled

In the same breath, the Tigers also officially moved Parker Meadows to the IL after he was injured while being caught stealing during Sunday's game. He left accompanied by trainers, but there was still some hope that he wouldn't need an IL stint after coming back from Triple-A and looking more promising than ever.

Unsurprisingly, the Tigers also brought Akil Baddoo back again, after just being optioned back to Toledo on July 8 in the corresponding move to Meadows' return. Baddoo must be getting really great at navigating the I-75 at this point, because it marks the third time he's been up in the majors this season alone. His batting .132 with .582 OPS this season, however, makes you wonder if he really deserves it.

So it's bad news all around for Tigers fans today. The best we can hope for is that batting .333 with a 1.052 OPS for the Mud Hens might've reawakened something in Báez and he'll look even marginally better upon his return to Detroit. Knowing him though, it's hard to have any expectations anymore.