Tigers News: Miguel Cabrera to work in front office following retirement

Miguel Cabrera is staying in the Detroit Tigers organization.
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Today's news is not surprising, but still really awesome to see.

The Detroit Tigers have announced that following Sunday's game, Miguel Cabrera will transition into a role in the front office as a special assistant to the president of baseball operations.

It has long been thought that Miggy could work in the Tigers front office at some point following his retirement, but maybe not right away. Personally, I always thought he would want to take a year or two off before working in baseball again. But it looks like he just couldn't stay away.

Here's what Scott Harris had to say about the announcement:

"Lessons like how to deal with praise and pressure are exactly what we want him teaching players throughout our organization. I'm honored to have him as part of our staff, and know he will continue to make the Tigers better in his new role."

Scott Harris

Cabrera probably won't have a huge influence on the organization. Al Kaline had a similar role in the organization for years. Alan Trammel is still in the organization to this day, and he does a lot of work with infielders.

Who knows? Maybe he will work his way up and have an actual role in baseball ops some day. But right now, this is just a nice way to honor and thank him for playing for the Tigers for the last 15+ years.

What if Miguel Cabrera was never traded to the Detroit Tigers?. dark. Next. What if Miguel Cabrera was never traded to the Detroit Tigers?