Top 5 biggest Detroit Tigers trades in franchise history

Division Series - Detroit Tigers v Baltimore Orioles - Game One
Division Series - Detroit Tigers v Baltimore Orioles - Game One / Mark Cunningham/GettyImages
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The Detroit Tigers has an organization that is rich in history and one that has made plenty of memories through the years. Memorable moments and Hall of Famers have both played with and played against the Tigers. The Tigers as a franchise have changed recently with new president of baseball operations Scott Harris taking over the reins. This begs the question as to what moves were made through the history of the Tigers that go down as some of the biggest in team history.

We do not know the success of some of these Tigers teams if these trades do not get made as these players acquired made huge impacts on both the Tigers and the standings. While none of these moves brought a World Series championship to Detroit, there are memories that these players gave us that will live on forever. For instance, Miguel Cabrera is likely a player that we may never see again in Motown. His hitting was timely and effective and he was pure class while he was here. Not too many Miguel Cabreras come along that often. He was truly one of a kind and brought many smiles to many faces in Detroit.

Although most major trades that have gone through the Tigers franchise have gone well, one in particular still has Tigers fans thinking what management was thinking. The roster always has changed, as one may think no one roster is safe from October through April. With that said, Detroit has had some good, solid players come through and be quite productive.

However, what about the trades that were made that did not work out? The trades the Tigers made below, except for one, have all made Detroit better in the time those players were in a Tigers uniform. Not all trades bring success, but like the Tigers, some of these trades brought many seasons of success and awards that will never be forgotten. Below are the top five biggest trades in Detroit Tigers' history.