VIDEO: Watch each of Miguel Cabrera's 100th, 200th, 300th, 400th, and 500th career home runs

Here's a look at each of Miguel Cabrera's major milestone home runs.
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Miguel Cabrera's 300th career home run

Back to some home runs with video. Miggy's 300th home run came on July 22, 2012 at home against the Chicago White Sox. It's the only one of his major milestone home runs to be hit at Comerica Park.

Many fans will probably remember this one simply because of how far it was hit. He hit the camera well with this blast. It wasn't the first, nor was it the last time he would hit a ball into the camera well in deep center field.

Much like his 100th homer in 2006, this was also his second home run of the game. He homered in the first inning of this game as well. Both bombs were hit off Philip Humber.

This was, of course, in the midst of Miggy's triple crown season. This gave him 23 home runs on the year at the time. He would go on to hit 21 more to win the presitigous award.