What are Miguel Cabrera's top 5 seasons by WAR? No. 1 might surprise you

Counting down Miguel Cabrera's top 5 best seasons going by WAR. No. 1 might not be what you'd expect.
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Miguel Cabrera has put up several great seasons, even dating back to his days with the Marlins. For someone with over 500 home runs and 3,000 hits, one would expect to him to accumlate a lot of WAR, and he's done just that.

WAR is a stat that stands for Wins Above Replacement. It's commonly used to determine a player's overall value. The higher the number, the more valuable a player is.

Miggy has racked up 67.6 fWAR throughout his career. This is despite a few negative WAR seasons the past few years due to injuries and playing a lot of DH.

When you have that much WAR throughout your career, you are bound to have some crazy seasons, and Miggy obviously has a few of those under his belt.

Today, we're going to go over Miguel Cabrera's top seasons by WAR. His best season might not be what you'd expect.

For this list, we'll be using Fangraphs WAR, or fWAR, since Fangraphs is generally considerd to be more accurate with their WAR calculations than Baseball Reference.

What is Miggy's top season? Let's begin the countdown and find out.

Miguel Cabrera's top 5 seasons by WAR

5. 2010: 6.1 fWAR

We recently looked back at Miggy's 2010 season, and you could argue he should have won the AL MVP that year over Josh Hamilton. He was that good.

He slashed .328/.420/.622 with 38 home runs and a career-high .294 ISO. His 171 wRC+ was the third-highest of his career, even higher than his Triple Crown season in 2012.

This all led up to a 6.1 WAR, which was a very good season for anyone, but especially for a primary first baseman. First baseman get pretty much all their value from their offense because first base is just not a very valuable position defensively.

Putting up a 6-WAR season at first base in awfully impressive. We're seeing Matt Olson of the Atlanta Braves do that right now, and it's a sight to behold.