What are Miguel Cabrera's top 5 seasons by WAR? No. 1 might surprise you

Counting down Miguel Cabrera's top 5 best seasons going by WAR. No. 1 might not be what you'd expect.
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2. 2012: 7.3 fWAR

Most people would expect this to be No. 1 since this is the year he won the Triple Crown, but there was one year that was even better than this if we go by WAR.

We just did a whole look back at this season, so we won't spend too much time on it. Miggy was just in a league of his own during this time.

What makes this season so impressive is how he was able to turn it on in the second half. That's where a lot of his damage was done. It was just so crazy.

So what year did he have a WAR higher than 7.3? The answer may or may not surprise you.