When do Tigers pitchers and catchers report in 2024?

Detroit Tigers starting pitcher Reese Olson (45)
Detroit Tigers starting pitcher Reese Olson (45) / Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

The last few days have already seen a hot start to the Detroit Tigers' offseason. Surprising no one, Tigers ace Eduardo Rodriguez opted out of his contract, leaving three years and $49 million on the table. They've also already made a trade with the Milwaukee Brewers for outfielder Mark Canha. As they hurtle into a lot of contract talk and arbitration this and that, it begs the question: When do the players actually get back to playing? Next stop, spring training.

When do the Tigers' pitchers and catchers report in 2024?

The Tigers haven't officially announced when pitchers and catchers will report to their spring training complex in Lakeland, Florida, but we can deduce a date with a pretty small margin of error based on the Tigers' previous schedules.

Last year, the World Baseball Classic mixed things up a little; three pitchers who participated in the WBC (including Eduardo Rodriguez, pitching for Venezuela) reported to Lakeland on Monday, Feb. 13, and the others arrived on Wednesday, Feb. 15. In recent years past, Tigers pitchers and catchers have consistently reported on the second or third Wednesday of February, which places best estimates for 2024 on Wednesday, Feb. 14, a week and a half before their first spring training game.

When does the Tigers' spring training schedule start?

Detroit will kick off spring training with a game against the New York Yankees on Feb. 24, per their official schedule. This is actually a little unusual, given that the Tigers have led off with a game against the Phillies for the past four years. The Tigers' schedule also features split squad games on Feb. 27 and March 7, 15, and 23. They'll wrap up in at Tropicana Field against the Rays on March 26, giving them only a day of rest before they head to the south side of Chicago for the White Sox's home opener. They stay on the road for a week before opening at Comerica Park against the Oakland Athletics on April 5.

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