Which Detroit Tigers Players Do the new Park Dimensions Favor Most?

Detroit Tigers v Seattle Mariners
Detroit Tigers v Seattle Mariners / Steph Chambers/GettyImages

The Detroit Tigers announced that beginning next season Comerica Park will look a bit different inside the park. As discussed, many times before, the new features will include the park dimensions.

Center field will be moved in from 420 feet to 412. The center field wall will be lowered from 8.5 feet to 7. The right center wall will be lowered from 13 feet to 7, and the right field wall will also be lowered from 8.5 feet to 7 as well. The left field will remain unchanged. This will undoubtedly be in the Tigers favor right? Well, for some players it will be.

As Detroit Tigers fans know, the 2023 season is right around the corner with pitchers and catchers reporting in about a month. With the expectations for the 2023 Detroit Tigers being mixed, the new dimensions are a nice conversation piece. Do these new dimensions help or hurt the Tigers next season? It depends on who you ask.

It helps the Tigers in a way that they have two young power hitters that are ready to make their mark this season. Riley Greene and Spencer Torkelson are the next big things in Detroit and, to be honest, the only home run hitters that will be in the lineup regularly. Miguel Cabrera was a home run beast, but he will be the designated hitter most of the season and may not see too many pitches to hit. Greene and Torkelson are determined to make the Detroit Tigers a contender this year and are really the only source of offense the Tigers may have this season.

On the flip side, this is going to work against Detroit because most of the league has more than one legit power hitter in their lineup that can feast on those dimensions. With the Detroit Tigers pitching suspect, the offense from the opposition could put the Tigers in a hole early and often. There are more teams in Major League Baseball that have stacked lineups that can do some severe damage and if the fences are moved in and the walls are lowered it certainly creates an issue for pitching.

Known primarily as a pitcher's park, Comerica Park and the Detroit Tigers' pitching staff are not strong enough to hold some of the league's best power hitters at bay. Those players can only be held in check for so long.

The new dimensions will without a doubt be making a difference in the offensive numbers at Comerica Park. The Tigers will have games where they do take advantage of it, scoring 15 runs, hitting five home runs, and hitting three doubles. The Detroit Tigers, aside from Greene and Torkelson, do not have many offensive weapons ready to take charge. That is, unless principal owner Chris Ilitch want to let Scott Harris open up the wallet and bring some offense to a team that is in need of offense.

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