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Sheffield Trade talks brewing?


After what seemed to be a quiet afternoon for the Tigers today, it seems that things might have heated up. According to Fox’s Ken Rosenthal, The Texas Rangers have contacted the Tigers about DH Gary Sheffield. Less than three days after setting up a deal for Gerald Laird, could the Tigers swap Sheffield to the Rangers for a prospect in return?

Rosenthal notes that the Rangers are looking for a middle of the order type hitter to replace the departed Milton Bradley and to offer protection for stud Josh Hamilton. beat writer T.R. Sullivan notes on his blog that management doe not want to spend too much for a struggling slugger who hit only .225 this season.

"Here is what one Rangers official said, “Would consider it if they wanted to give him away. Not going to spend money there.”"

So what will it take to get a deteriorating forty year old who might still have some pop? You have to think that if a deal does get done, then pitching has to be involved. How about filling the closer role?

Lefty C.J. Wilson could be someone they ask for. The lefty, who converted 24/28 saves in 2008 is intriguing. Wilson gave up 49 hits in 46 innings pitched. He also struggled controlling the strike zone. He walked 27 hitters last year. His E.R.A. is atrocious, at 6.02. If Nolan Ryan and company are sick of him though, it could be a good swap. The only question is if Gary Sheffield would use his no-trade clause.

It would seem this wouldn’t work out though, unless the Tigers agree to pay for half or more of Sheffield’s 2009 salary (14 Million).

Starters that could work include Kevin Millwood (11 Million) and Vincente Padilla (12 million). To me, a deal like this just doesn’t make sense. As much as I would like to see him go, decent starting pitching at that rate of money isn’t worth the deal.  We have those type of pitchers already that can fill in at the back end (Minor, Robertson, Willis). So if a deal goes through, it has to be either prospects, relief, or someone that can really contribute to the offense.