Holy God, They had the ball… I mean guts to cut Sheff


Nothing is better on a Tuesday afternoon then heading to work for a weekly production meeting, leaving the radio station, heading to get one of your favorite chinese entrees, and finally opening up your laptop to find that (Insert Dramatic music here) Gary Sheffield is no longer a Detroit Tiger.

Sheffield, who is one home run away from the elusive 500 club was surprised and shocked at the move, citing that he hadn’t even thought of it as a possibility. Dave Dombrowski and Jim Leyland dropped the news on the future hall of fame candidate.

The move will now give the Tigers more flexibility in the outfield, that includes keeping slugger Marcus Thames in a constant rotation into the lineup. The team will also be able to insert more speed in the lineup, giving newly acquired Josh Anderson a bit more playing time.

Meanwhile, this move allows for Jeff Larish to battle for the final spot on the roster. If I were to predict, the job is his to loose, unless Leyland carries one more pitcher to start the season (considereing all of the injuries).

I love this move becuase it gives the Tigers many options throughout the season. It will give Carlos Guillen time off in left, get Larish in the lineup at first, and keep everyone healthy throughout the season.

When you add a guy to the lineup that projects to hit 40+ homers if he plays everyday and stays healthy (which he has), then you have to be doing something right.  It will be interesting to see the role that Josh Anderson plays in 2009 now with Sheffield gone. At least now I’m not cussing at Tiger management for leaving one of the hottest hitters off the roster.

All in all, a good Tuesday!