Everyone Else is Doing it, Why Can't I?


Let this serve as my official welcome to any and all of you that (hopefully) stumble across this blog. I have been an avid sports fan my whole life and am particularly passionate about the Detroit Tigers. My wife is a very patient woman with me and she does her best to pretend to care about my Tiger-related ramblings, which I appreciate very much. However, there are so many more opinions I want to voice and arguments I want to start/end involving those in the Old English D, that I felt this blog was necessary, there’s just not many folks in Delphos, Ohio that care about what I have to say about baseball in general or the Tigers in particular. Hopefully, some of you will care enough to read and reply. I’m not sure what the main content will be as far as game recaps or just my thoughts on Tigers baseball, but I plan on having fun with this. Once I figure everything out, I’ll post links to my favorite baseball (and maybe a few others) blogs, and we’ll see where that takes us. I haven’t been this excited since 2003… oh, wait, my bad. Early thank yous to to Ian at blessyouboys, Kurt at mackavenuetigers, and the folks at the now dark firejoemorgan.com for serving as my inspiration, go check them out.