The Hatred of Joe Crede


I have never heard anything about Joe Crede as a person. I don’t know him, he may be a really nice guy. Somehow I doubt it, though. I don’t want to know Joe Crede. I do not like him at all. I don’t like his name, I don’t like his face, I don’t like the way that he is considered by some to be a better defender than Brandon Inge. I don’t know if he is married or has kids, nor do I want to know. I hate Joe Crede. I may even hate him more than A.J. Pierzynski. I am a firm believer than Crede signed with the Twins instead of the Giants for the simple reason of being able to stick it to the Tigers at least 18 more times. That he did it just to spite us fans. Decent people would never make a decision based on spite. Obviously, Mr. Crede is not a decent person. Ian agrees, as I’m sure many, many other Tiger fans do.

Crede is a Tiger killer, and the numbers back it up. In his career entering yesterday’s matinee, he had played 90 games vs. the Tigers and had a batting average of .276 (shockingly low, I would have guessed that to be closer to .895) against them, with 24 HR 68 RBI and a .897 OPS. Conversely, if you look at his career numbers against every other team in the major leagues, he carries only a .254 average with a .736 OPS. He has hit more homeruns vs Detroit than any other opponent as well. But don’t think the Tigers’ staff hasn’t been trying to extract their revenge, they have beaned Crede 6 times (also shockingly low), more than any other opponent has. Perhaps they have only made him angry.

I hate Joe Crede, Joe Effing Crede.