Get something ‘Dunn’ Dave


It is fairly easy for a guy like me to sit back, sip on my cold ice water, and pretend like I know what is best for this team. Currently Dave Dombrowski is sweating like a madman, answering phones, inquiring about trade pieces, making sure with his boss if it is okay to trade certain goods, for another company’s lost cause. The pressure is on to make his product the best in the regional market.  Dave has put feelers out on the west coast, wondering if he could obtain Heath Bell. Rumor has it he is in deep talks with the Pittsburgh Pirates to add Jack Wilson another arm into the mix. He has let america’s worst baseball franchise scout his AA team.

If there is anything like having a mid life crisis once a year, it has to be the job of a General Manager controling a team in contention.

I’ll admit it. In an age where rumors and gathered, and brought to you in all one place, it is so easy to get caught up in the evolutionized trade rumor. What used to be such a hush hush time of the year has turned into it’s own soap opera. With Friday’s deadline right around the corner here is some advice for our coveted General Manager:

“Hey Dave, just sit back, relax and get the job Dunn!”

I have never been a fan of the Washington Nationals’ outfield stumblin’, baseball bumbling home run machine. You probably haven’t either Mr. Dombrowski. I know us fans and Baseball fanatics love this thing called Sabermetrics. It’s not about that though. Simply put, the guy mashes baseballs out of ballparks! He is a one dimension, game changing bat. According to reports, he comes at a cheap price too. I understand that he probably couldn’t catch a beach ball in left field and that he might be more of a distraction in this already strikeout happy offense, but adding Dunn shows commitment to getting this team to the post-season.

Most Importantly, it gives the offense a pretty solid one two punch. As noted, Dunn does horrible in the months of August and September. Comerica Park will probable shrivel his long fly balls more than a night at the Canseco residence would.  Here is the thing though. He has the second highest OPS of his career currently. Everybody talks about the strikeouts, but what about his ability to get on base? Adam Dunn has more walks this season than RBIs. Part of that has to do with the team he is on, and part of it has to do with his freakish ability to be productive, despite hitting .230 at times, and striking out over 100 times a season. Worried about him squandering rallys with a double play? Dunn has only hit into seven double plays this season. Meanwhile, Miguel Cabrera has hit into 15. Magglio Ordonez has already hit into 13 in limited time.

It was Greg Eno in Episode number five of This Week in Detroit Tigers Baseball that really turned me onto the idea of adding Dunn’s services. He isn’t going to be cheap. Sometimes you will wonder what the heck you were doing. Dave, you got to listen to me though. Josh Willingham hasn’t proved it over a full season before. Aubrey Huff is hitless in four out of his last five games. He is hitting .147 in July. Juan Pierre would be a nice addition, but is he really a game changer in an offense that doesn’t love the stolen base?  Dunn can have the same effect on this offense that Matt Holliday would have offered. I know you are still upset about not being able to land him, but it’s time to move on.

Adam Dunn is the closest “sure thing” left on this trade market that you can afford. He can help this offense down the stretch. It is unsure whether Zach Duke, Freddy Sanchez, or John Grabow will offer you.

Finally Dave, I leave you with this. It is now your job to clean up the mess that your boss, Mr. Ilitch bestowed upon you. Tigers fans have been waiting for a move to be made since the man behind the five dollar large pizza promised us a chance at a pennant. Let’s make sure when he said he would be willing to add payroll, that he wasn’t drunk.  Having to bring back Dunn next year might scare off the rest of the front office, but think of it this way. This could be your free agent splash of 2010 while your in the pennant race of 2009. Besides possibly Matt Holliday, there is not a free agent hitter in 2010 that will produce like Dunn will.

So far, the defensive mindset has worked. The Pitching has been able to keep this team right down to the thick of things. But are you going to tell me that if Armando Galaraga would of gotten more run support in his last two starts, that he wouldn’t of faired better? A one run lead at this point of the season seems like a tough hill to climb.

Why not add a player who can shoot the ball way over the mountain tops?