MCB Links 8/6/2009: Avila, Football Talk, Ryan, Two Race Divison


On an evening with the Tigers off, I thought I would bring some really good reads for your evening. Today’s action against the Baltimore Orioles was again a success. Today’s game was key considering the Tigers dropped two out of three in Cleveland. Here are some links to enjoy during your evening.

Alex Avila has a productive first day in the Tigers Lineup [MLIVE]- Avila looked solid in his first game catching at the big league level. One thing I was shocked was his size. I think size wise he compares greatly to Matt Wieters of Baltimore. His swing seems very fluent and smooth. Jim Leyland said before today’s game that Avila will catch Galarraga and Porcello. My thought is that he could provide more offensive production when these two pitchers are on the mound. Gerald Laird deserves some time off behind the plate, and this experiment really depends on how offensively sound Avila can be. Check out the video on this article, it is a great interview from a very happy rookie.

Keeping Score– [DesigNate Robertson] Rogo over at DesigNate Robertson “keeps score” of today’s game against the Baltimore Orioles. This is a very interesting look at today’s game. Rogo adds a lot of humor. I hope he does this more often. Just don’t drink while reading, you might spit your beverage of choice out on the monitor. Keep up the good work Rogo!

Ryan asks for Release? [Chicago Sun Times]- The Chicago Sun Times is reporting that reliever B.J. Ryan has asked for his release, citing the fact that he doesn’t think his velocity will get there. J. Ellet Lambie over at Eye of the Tigers pondered adding Ryan a few weeks ago. Just becuase Ryan asked for his release doesn’t mean he isnt going to pitch in 2009. Could the Tigers be suitors after a couple weeks of rest?  This could be an interesting add for some teams in September. If he holds out for 2010, he could also be one of the best bullpen lefties available. Former Tiger Jamie Walker, who just might have something in the tank, could be another lefty option for teams to sign instead of trade for, as the weeks unravel.

August Trade Options [ESPN]- Speaking of the August Trade Deadline (You know what I mean), Jerry Crasnick of ESPN Breaks down some hot names to be moved. Are Adam Dunn and Josh Willingham realistic for Detroit? It doesn’t seem so. Names that I found intriguing are: Heath Bell, Justin Duchscherer, Nomar Garciaparra (Fan Favorite of mine), Bill Hall (Bless You Boys has the scoop), Marco Scutaro, and Aubrey Huff. Scutaro would be a solid add if you could sign him past this season and into next year at a decent price, before he hits free agency. Crasnick adds a bunch more names. A solid read.

A Two Team Race– [Spot Starters]- Blake over at Spot Starters puts together a good article on how the A.L. Central is a two team race. This piece focuses on the Chicago White Sox and the Detroit Tigers. Blake does a good job of comparing the numbers and the circumstances that could make each team better down the stetch.


With the NFL season just around the corner, I have my eye around football stories. Here are some good ones from tonight.:

An 0-16 Lions Blogger? [Wayne Fontes Experience]- Al Beaton, who joined us for TWIDTB last week is looking to get off the Snide in Week one of the Lions Regular season. You see, Big Al is 0-16 in live blogging last year. Talk about dedication to your team. He didn’t even take a game off last season. I’m sure I would have busted 37,000 Televisions. Especially if I had to watch the crappiest defense in history on HD quality signal. Big Al, you are my hero of the week. Beaton will look to get off the losing streak in November of 2009 (We pray it comes earlier than that…. For Al’s sanity!).

Rams Bringing Back Blue and Yellow [Ramblin’ Fan]- Booya! It’s ten years since Kurt Warner came out of the grocery bag himself and won a Super Bowl. It looks like the Rams will celebrate by wearing the old uniform. Gotta Love it. Now they just need to resign Jerome Bettis and Issac Bruce and I would be in Heaven.

Is Eli worth more than Carson? [Pro Football Talk]- Im still in awe that Eli Manning is the highest paid quarterback in the league. Not that Carson Palmer deserves that title, but still. Doesn’t Peyton have a clause to be the highest paid Manning, and the First Manning to Host Saturday Night Live? Maybe I should be Peyton’s agent. I would also throw in the “always allowed to pick on Eli in ESPN commercials” clause.

Crabtree Prepared to sit out the Season [Niner Noise]- UFL’s fisrt poster boy? Why not? This seems extremely uneccesary. As an Agent why would you pull a stunt like this? Maybe I should be Crabtree’s agent too. I would add an “I able to cry clause” just in case Mike Singletary is a meanie.

Mort in Vikings Camp [Viking Age]- Is anyone already sick of Chris Mortensen? I know I am. Come on, why can’t ESPN put someone worth five minutes of airtime on that bus. At this point, I rather have madden traveling on his bus, rumblin’ and stumblin with his words. OH! CHRIS BERMAN ON A BUS! BACK BACK BACK GONE!