MCB on “The Knee Jerks” With Eno and Big Al Beaton


Every Monday night, two guys who know Detroit Sports, go onto the internet airwaves to talk about the teams we love. And Despite the show name, they’re two of the nicest fellas out there. Last night I was fortunate join Greg Eno and Al Beaton on, “The Knee Jerks.” Our topic of course was the Detroit Tigers. Throughout the course of an hour a lot of things came up, including:

Can this team compete with the big boys?

What do you do with Magglio down the stretch?

Jim Leyland’s latest comments on steroids, and our feelings on the subject

Adding a bat during the August 31st deadline

The value of Prospects (Eno goes on a rant that you have to listen to)

and much much more!

I can’t thank Al Beaton and Greg Eno enough for having me on. It was a blast.  It’s an honor to be on a show that has had such guests as: Bob Page, Jamie Samuelsen, and Matt Riviera.

Next Week, listeners are in for a treat as Ray Scott, the former Detroit Pistons and Eastern Michigan University head basketball coach. Ray will touch on the state of the Michigan Hall of Fame and more.  I suggest that all readers take out time every monday night at 11 PM ET to talk listen to the Knee Jerks. Beaton and Eno are two guys who knows what it means to put together a solid, always worth listening program.

Below is last night’s episode. Make sure you check out the show archives as well.