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TWIDTB VII August 10th-17th: Put it in a Bag


Welcome back for another addition of this Week in Detroit Tigers Baseball. In this episode, J. Ellet Lambie of Eye of the Tigers and John Brunn of Tiger Geist stop by to talk about this week’s action. In our roundtable, John, J. and I discuss many different things including Jim Leyland’s comments on the fan’s view of performance enhancing drugs, the offensive production at the top of the order, John Smoltz, Al Avila’s debut, waiver wire talk, and much much more, including J. Ellet Lambie’s dream to stuff Ryan Raburn in a bag (Okay, maybe not! Still, his points on the outfield situation are dead on!)

In This Week in Detroit Tigers History, we look back to August 12th 1987, when the Tigers traded Doyle Alexander for John Smolz. A trade that will always resonate in the heads of Detroit sports fans. John Smoltz was dealt to the Braves after Atlanta declined interest in taking any of the four original prospects offered. It came between starters John Smoltz and Steve Searchy. The Tigers decided to keep Searchy because he was more major league ready. Looks like that decision will haunt the Tigers for quite some time, considering Smoltz’s lengthy and successful career.

In our Prospect on the Prowl segment, a little known shortstop named Brent Dlugach has made a name for himself at the AAA Level. After years of injury problems, the 26 year old might have found himself in just the right place, with Adam Everett and Ramon Santiago entering free agency in the off-season.

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