MCB Links: 08/14/09


It’s Friday, and nothing is better than a good ole fashion link Dump! Especially the day after a solid performance from Justin Verlander. It is good to get a victory out in Boston. What a frustrating series! The Tigers get underway against the Royals tonight. I’ll be pushing the buttons back at the station, so hopefully the offense doesn’t make me disconnect a microphone and throw it out the studio window (Boss if you’re reading this, please discard the last sentence). Anyways, let’s get right to it, with

Some Tigers links, and other sporting links from around the Blogosphere.

Detroit Tigers-

  • Bless You Boys digs up an interesting interview with Alex Avila and Ryan Perry. Good to hear from those two.  Like Ian mentions, these guys haven’t been heavy in the media, so it was good to get a sense of what these two were like.
  • A lot is left on the schedule for the Tigers, but Kurt just can’t help looking at the numbers over at Mack Avenue Tigers.  We all are wondering what it is going to take, and Kurt breaks it down in deep style.
  • J. Ellet Lambie of Eye of the Tigers takes one last look at the brawl in Beantown. All I can say is come on Youk! You’re three times bigger than Porcello, and you throw your helmet?

Sports Links to garner your attention-

  • How dedicated were you as a sports fan before your teenage years? Ill tell you what, this former Jay Cutler fan is pretty darn dedicated. Apparently fed up with the stink of having Kyle “throat beard” Orton as his starting quarterback, this ten year old let his favorite jersey light up in flames. My only question is if his parents know he burned the jersey. If I burned something that costs over twenty dollars and was still wearable, oh boy my parents would be on me like Tim Tebow on missionary work.
  • My good Friend John White at Cat Crave Radio was in Carolina Panthers Training Camp and he got to sit down with offensive lineman Jeff Otah. White does a great job of making his interviews conversational. Make sure you subscribe to his Itunes feed.
  • Senior Writer Adam Best takes a look at 30 athletes that could be Aliens. Talk about laughing non-stop. There were no Detroit Tigers on the list, though Placido Polanco’s ginormous dome could be extra terrestrial.


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