Tigers Acquire Huff-MCB was in the Dombrowski Phone Conference


The Tigers made the splash that Tigers fans had hoped would happen several weeks ago. Either way, Mike Ilitch stood at his word when the Tigers traded for left handed first baseman Aubrey Huff today. The deal, which sends reliever Brett Jacobson to the Orioles, was completed earlier this afternoon. Jacobson was the Tigers’ number ten prospect according to Baseball America.

Huff is hitting .254 with 24 doubles, 13 home runs and 72 RBIs. Just moments ago, I joined the phone conference on this trade, and Dombrowski had some interesting things to say. First and foremost, Dombrowski stated that this deal has no chance that Brandon Inge will land on the D.L. in this move. He, alongside Jim Leyland believe that Huff will be able to play  in the outfield, despite his last trip being out there in 2006. Dombrowski said many scouts believe that Huff’s best position is the outfield. There is no doubt that helping the offense by bringing in someone that can drive in runs.

The Tigers began talks on picking up Aubrey Huff just a few weeks ago, and when he cleared waivers, Tigers management decided this was the bat they would pursuit. Other names were explored througout the last few weeks. Dombrowksi commented on the tough offensive year, and he believes that the additions of Alex Avila and Aubrey Huff can add some production in little ways.

The Tigers will take on the rest of his contract for this season, and Huff becomes a free agent in 2009. Huff will be in uniform tomorrow, and a roster decision has been named, but won’t be announced until tomorrow.  Dombrowski made it clear though in the phone conference, that it won’t be Magglio Ordonez that is moved.  He also made it clear that Huff is a hitter that has caught the eyes of Tigers management in the past, stating that he has tried to acquire him many times in the past.

To close out the conference, I also got to ask if Dombrowski and the rest of the staff was done making moves. He stated that “I don’t have any I am working on right now, but we still have six weeks to go in the season. We are trying to do everything to win within reason. We are in a position to do what we can to win. Mr. Ilitch has been very supportive of us. I think we have addressed many of our needs. We have done quite a bit, but are we in a position that we are done? I can’t really answer that.”

I will have more of the Phone Conference later this week on TWIDTB. You can listen to my clips on 1320 WDMJ Marquette, if you live in the area as well tomorrow.