Detroit Tigers Keychains Top Notch


We all need a new beer can opener during this time of the year. The stress gets to us. One Moment Miguel Cabrera is hitting a home run. The next minute the Tigers you love are causing you to through that can opener or key chain against the wall in frustration. Trust me I have been there before. Today, after a tough gut wrenching loss, all you want is to crack open that nice cold beverage. And tonight, after a solid win that The Tigers regained their two game lead in, you want to represent your team. That’s where Whole Sale Keychain comes in.

We all love having keychains for our favorite teams, to keep our keys company, and in general spirit showing who we root for. With MLB, NBA, NHL, NFL and many other types of sports available,  Whole Sale Keychain is the best place to go to get your favorite team’s swagger.  Not only are there keychains, but you can customizable USB keychain drives,  and my personal favorite- the “never lose your keys, because they are attached to your belt loop” Carabiner!

Recently, Whole Sale Keychain sent me a can opener, USB Hard Drive, and logo keychain with the beautiful Detroit Tigers logo on it. These Detroit Tigers Keychains are of the top quality, not flimsy and let me tell you, the hard apple cider i just cracked open was done with style and grace (that grace not coming from me that’s for damn sure.)

Though I was tempted to keep all three pieces of beauty, included with the Engraving of Detroit Tigers Baseball on the back, I will be giving away in a future contest, so keep your ears, eyes and twitter open (my that sounds dirty!).  If you are looking to purchase keychains, or just need some new swag to represent our Tigers, then you are going to want to make sure that you go through Whole Sale Keychains. When you order on their website and checkout, you will get a 10% through me by entering this promo code: fantasycpr.