TWIDTB to be broadcasted live across the country and the world!


Okay, so maybe that title is a bit too much. For the Final show of the season though, you have to go out big. You have to go out strong! We are doing that here on Motor City Bengals on Sunday, with the final season show live! Rain or shine, Win or Lose, Playoffs or not, This Week in Detroit Tigers Baseball will be here to break down the 2009 season, and either get you ready for the playoffs, or get you ready to walk you down from off the plank.

Starting on Sunday at 6 PM ET, we will open up the airwaves with guests, opinion, and your input on the 2009 season. All you have to do is call in at (347) 989-8965! We will also be taking your emails:, your twitter shout outs: @TWIDTB and we will also take your voice mail comments from now until then (you know when you call up pissed about that one run given up, or drunk in celebration) at (231) 683-1367! We will also have a chat open for you to interact in on the live page for the next This Week in Detroit Tigers Baseball. The show will be streaming right here on the website, and could be found at

On the show we will also be looking forward to 2010 already and the off-season. We will also be giving away our keychains and USB drive via twitter and the voicemail line! Stay tuned for Sunday at six for the TWIDTB Season Wrap up. Hopefully we will be previewing that first playoff series later in October.