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Welcome To My Nightmare


Chicago 8, Detroit 0 (box)

Magic Number 2

All you need to know about tonight’s game is that Jake Peavy pitched well and Edwin Jackson didn’t.  Peavy allowed two hits over eight innings, while Jackson allowed eight runs over five plus frames.

If you are looking for more than that, I just don’t have it tonight.  I’m awfully upset with this club right now.  Usually, I wait until the following morning to post recaps, just so I don’t get all irrational.  Tonight, I don’t care.

There are an awful lot of people penciling in a Royals win over Minnesota tomorrow with Zack Greinke on the mound.  Not so fast, my friends.  While Greinke is the best in the league, he is beatable.  Right now, I would be shocked if Minnesota lost a game to K.C., even the Greinke game.

Which is why I would pull out all the stops as of now.  Its true that the Tigers don’t want to start Rick Porcello on short rest, and I’m on board with that.  But if Detroit fails to win both of the next two games, it is at best looking at a one-game playoff in Minnesota on Tuesday.  My plan: Move Justin Verlander up to start on three days rest tomorrow, then if needed, you have Porcello available on full restfor Sunday.  If by some stroke of luck the Royals and Tigers both win tomorrow, Verlander would be on schedule to pitch in games two and five of the ALDS. 

I have tried hard to remain confident, but when you look up at 8:30 this evening and Chicago is up by eight while the Twins lead by seven, it’s difficult to keep your chin up.  I am scared senseless that Chicago sweeps Detroit this weekend while Minnesota does the same to Kansas City.