Playoff Predictions


Well, what can I say except that the show must go on.  It will starting in about 20 minutes when the Phillies and Rockies hook up to begin the postseason schedule.

Without futher ado, my predictions (as if anyone cares)


I like the Rockies despite them not having the home field here.  Cole Hamels has been inconsistent and the Phillies closer situation is unsettled and unsettling.  Colorado has been the best team in the NL since Jim Tracy took over.  Even without Jorge De La Rosa, the Rockies have enough pitching to stay with the powerful Phils.  Colorado in 4


The Dodgers might have the best bullpen in baseball, but there certainly isn’t much to like about their rotation.  The Cards have the two best pitchers in this series and the two best hitters.  Cards in 4

Red Sox/Angels

These two clubs seem to meet every year in the ALDS.  The Sox have owned the postseason play between the two and have won six straight playoff games in the Angel Stadium.  If L.A. can’y protect the home field, it could be over quickly.  I like the Angels starters, but Beckett and Lester are probably better than anyone the Angels can run out there.  If it gets to the bullpens, again the clear edge is with Boston.  Red Sox in 3


If this series was against anyone else, I would pick the Twins.  The Yankees have historically owned the Twins, especially in the playoffs.  The Twins don’t have the arms needed to hold down the Bombers, I like the Yankees in 4.


If Aaron Cook can stay healthy, the Rockies have the arms to quiet the Cardinals, but I’m not sure they can score enough versus Wainwright and Carpenter.  As much as I want to, I can’t take Colorado here.  St Louis in 6.


Gawd, another Yanks/Sawks matchup.  Boston is the smarter team, they have better pitching, and they have a better manager.  Sox in 7

World Series

Rematch of the 2004 series but the outcome will be different.  The Cards’ superstars will carry the day.  Don’t get caught up in the whole AL/NL thing, Carpenter and Wainwright could get AL East hitters out, too.  St. Louis has the best starting pitching and the best hitter in the world.  Cardinals in 6.