MCB Poll of the Week: Do the Tigers have a Vision?


When the Tigers sent Curtis Granderson to the Yankees, a lot of fans wondered if this organization has a vision for the future? Are they looking ahead to the future now? We know that they cannot have the payroll that the big markets carry every year. Now they are trying to catch up.

As fans, one of the most important things to us is knowing that a team has a vision. They are looking to the future, or are committed to win now. For some organization, the focus is growing from within just to the extent of putting a competing product on the baseball diamond year in and year out.  On the most recent edition of This Week in Detroit Tigers Baseball, I asked our panelists this same question and both Greg Eno and J. Ellet Lambie came up with great responses.

As far as I’m concerned, this organization does have a vision. Is it the same as it was just three months ago? Probably not. Dave Dombrowski wants to compete now, but with young talent. The vision looks to the future, but not too far into it. For the past few years this organization has had two types of players: a.) Major League Caliber and B.) Nowhere close to the majors. Adding this young talent gives them more hope to the future. But is that really the vision?

That’s what I ask you in our new poll of the week.  Feel Free to leave your comments under this post and on our new Voice Mail hot line at 206-309-9454. It’s an interesting conversation to have.

Look forward to hear your thoughts!