Freddy Dolsi Claimed on Waivers


So much for Christmas. I’ll I wanted this year was for Motor City Bengal’s favorite pitcher to clear waivers. No, it’s not because I will have to cut a new TWIDTB intro. No, it’s not because I support his Baseball-Reference page.

Since his first appearance in the majors that saw him get jacked by the Man Ram, all I wanted for this kid to do is succeed in a Tigers uniform.  I loved how he approaches the game. Though he is quiet, he goes right after hitters. None of his six foot frame fears hitters.

Now my favorite Tiger is heading my most hated baseball team in the sport.

When people ask me what I see in Dolsi, it is hard to explain. He is just a reliever. He doesn’t blaze by hitters. His secondary pitches are not top notch. The kid has never proven he is a staple in anyone’s bullpen.  The one thing that I always loved about him is that he is serviceable. He has the ability and talent to be one of the most reliable middle relievers in the game (as ridiculous as that sounds).

Soon to be 28, Dolsi still has a lot in the gas tank. He will get an invitation to Spring Training, and as much as it hearts, I will root for him to make that dang White Sox roster. I will root for him to shut down his opponents (minus the Tigers of course).

But I will do it with a grudge.

For some Tigers fans, losing Curtis Granderson to the Yankees was jaw-dropping. It darkened the hearts of many fans. When the Tigers made it clear that the leapin’ Placido Polanco was heading elsewhere, many Tigers fans couldn’t understand not being loyal to a player that gave so much to this city.

I might be the only Tigers fan that will miss Freddy Dolsi more than either players. A lot of that has to do with the incoming talent. A lot of that has to do with my understanding of the Tigers direction. A lot of it might also just do with fandom. Freddy Dolsi, as lame as it is, was my favorite player for the Tigers.

And it puts me in a rather wacky predicament.

Whether it be by fate or chance, my pledge to Baseball-Reference’s Freddy Dolsi page comes to an end in a few days. I was waiting to see if he cleared waivers to renew it. Even if he went to a team that was decent, I would of renewed without question. But now I’m caught in the middle.

Do I support my favorite player despite the fact he plays for my least favorite team? Or do I find a ‘new’ Tigers player to support? I need your help now! Help my by voting below.

Good luck young man as you continue your journey to Major League Baseball. At least one Tigers fan will be rooting for a White Sox when Spring Training begins in February.