Happy Holidays


Whether you and yours celebrate Christmas, Hanukkah, Festivus, Kwanzaa, or any other holiday around this time of year, the staff here at Tigers Tracks would like to extend the warmest of greetings to you.

As you can see, the site has undergone a bit of a face-lift.  Basically, I was trying to eliminate the spacing problem I was having with the previous theme, which I managed to do by switching to this theme.  I’m not sure it’s permanent as of yet, but most of the responses I have gotten like it.  Mrs. Tracks is also a big fan of the switch in designs, so it may stay for a while.

Speaking of my wife, she was overjoyed to hear of the departure of Fernando Rodney.  She had been quite upset about the losses of Polanco and Granderson, but in her mind, Rodney leaving as well made everything a bit better.  I can’t say as I disagree… at least not publicly.  Good luck to Capt. Crooked Hat with the Angels.

And I’ll go ahead and make that my “airing of grievances” segment.  The Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim.  Seriously, it’s too much.  The joke isn’t funny anymore.  Can’t they just have one name?  When I was growing up watching Don Baylor and Dave Henderson keep the Angels out of the World Series, they were the California Angels.  So in my head, that’s what they always will be.  I mean, it would be different if they actually moved, but they have played in the same park while being known by three different names.   Gene Autry called ’em California, so I will too.  Unless they actually physically move to another location, then they can call themselves whatever they want.

Lastly, and not to get sappy here, but I want to thank the fine folks who take time to stop by everyday.  A very special thank you to my two loyal commenters, Bob and Chris, I always enjoy reading your views.  And a big thank you to the rest of the almost 6000 people who have visited this site since its launch back in July.  You all have made my foray into the blogosphere a wonderful experience.

So Merry Christmas (or whichever) to you and yours.  I hope Santa (or whomever) brings us all a nice shiny trophy in 2010.