Jose Valverde Re-Examined: Is 8 Million the Ticket


Motor City Bengals has talked a lot in the last two weeks about closer Jose Valverde, who is quickly falling off the free agent market.

Four teams have made offers to Valverde for their open closer roles in 2010. According to Yahoo Sports’ Tim Brown, the Tigers are one of them. Tigers beat writer Jason Beck also chimes in that one of his sources has confirmed the Tigers are really interested in his services.

Just before Christmas, I shared my thoughts on the whole Valverde situation and how he could be a possibility for the Tigers. At that point, nothing was neither confirmed nor denied. Here are some of my thoughts from that post:

"At some point, Valverde is going to lower his demands. He will look for the one gig that gives him the best opportunity to succeed now and in the future. Once the Angels, Phillies, Marlins and Pirates sort out their closer issues, there seems to be just one closer role open in the Majors.The question is if that team will throw a chair out in the middle of the music for the former stud closer to sit on. For the Detroit Tigers there is no obligation to do so. Many in the organization, including Dave Dombrowski himself, believe that there are many closing options already in house."

If these reports do come to fruition, I still feel the same way. Is Valverde really worth a 19th pick in the first round of this year’s draft? Is he worth the eight million dollars they will give him for a season where they might not be ready for playoff contention?

As much as I hate to say it, if the Tigers do land Jose, I hope it is with a two year contract.

Sure, the Tigers will have many pitchers who could be ready for the job in 2011, but their has to be reasoning behind giving up a draft pick. Two years of service from an above average closer would match that in my mind, considering you never know what you are going to get from a draftee.

Nothing is ever a sure thing, but I think my stance has changed. I think the Tigers should go for it with a two year deal.

What are your thoughts? Share them in the comments below.