So Long, Old Friend


My friends, we have lost our voice, our soul.

The world became aware this evening that legendary broadcaster Ernie Harwell has passed away tonight, finally losing his battle with cancer. He was 92 years old.

I’m sure over the next 24 hours or so, you will find a dozen or more fantastic writes about Ernie. People will treat you to memories of meetings they once had, how genuine a person he was, and how the world is never going to see another like him.

You know what? As much as the same could be written about any human being on the planet, none would deserve such praise more than Ernie.

Ernie was the voice of Tigers baseball from 1960-2002 and there will never be another like him. He’s definitely on the Mount Rushmore of baseball broadcasters, along with Jack Buck, Harry Kalas, and Vin Scully. Ernie was the voice of summer, the soundtrack to our youths, and the calming, soothing sounds of his baritone accompanied all of us to sleep during those dreaded west-coast games.

I’m sure I’ll have much more for you later, but in the meantime, please leave your comments, share with us your favorites memories of Ernie, or just use this space to mourn with your friends. I’ll be right there as well.

The past year has brought great sadness to the Tigers franchise, losing Mark Fidrych, seeing the final remnants of old Tiger Stadium reduced to rubble, and now suffering the finality of the loss of our dear friend, and in many ways our spiritual leader, Ernie Harwell.

God bless you Ernie, and your wonderful bride Lulu, as well. Anyone who ever had the chance to meet you surely was better for having done so. You turned our little corner of the universe into the greatest place in the world for three hours or so every night.