Rain Washes Away Bondo’s Implosion


Detroit at Cleveland (PPD)

The Tigers and Indians played some baseball last night. I saw it, I know it happened. Unfortunately for some involved in the game, the official statistics and records won’t note that anything took place at all in Cleveland last night.

With the Tigers leading 7-6 entering the fifth inning, the game was halted due to rain. After a delay of more than two hours, the game was officially postponed. No make up date has yet been announced, which seems silly as the Tigers are spending the weekend playing the Indians anyhow, so it’s not as if they couldn’t play the game as part of a double header this weekend. Sadly, that’s not in the cards.

But you did read that right, the game will be made up in its entirety. Not one of the Tigers nine hits or seven runs will count towards their stats for the year, nor will the ghastly line offered up by Jeremy Bonderman, who was handed a 7-1 lead, only to fail to survive the third, leaving with the game at 7-6.

Instead, they will start from scratch, a fresh new ball game in place of the four innings of madness that was played last night.

While the stats won’t show how quickly Bonderman fell apart last night, this isn’t the first time this year he was cruising along only to run into a disaster inning he couldn’t finish.

The drum being beaten for the recall of Armando Galarraga is growing louder with each passing day, as Galarraga continues to dominate AAA, and as Tiger starter after Tiger starter posts yet another bad outing.

The problem is, Galarraga is only one man, he can’t replace three starters in Detroit all by himself. Sooner or later, preferably sooner, the Tigers are going to need two of the current group to step up. Relying on Justin Verlander and Dontrelle Willis to carry you just won’t cut it.