Heeding the Call… to the Pen


There is an exciting thing happening here at the FanSided Network. Wally Fish, director of the MLB blogs, along with network founders Zach and Adam Best, has put together a flagship MLB site named Call to the Pen.

The site, if you’re not familiar, was launched a bit more than a month ago and features several of the networks top writers offering weekly columns on differing aspects of baseball.

There are columns focusing on prospects to watch, columns featuring editorial-like takes on the big news in the game, and even weekly transaction recaps. Last week, Wally reached out to me and asked that I join the rotation.

My first post at CttP was published this morning. Entitled What’s Next, my feature will take a look around the major leagues and hopefully give some insight into which team might be looking to upgrade their rosters, which players might be available to do so, and what managers might be in trouble.

Be sure to check out Call to the Pen everyday for great content from some very talented writers. What’s Next will appear every Tuesday going forward, so stop in and leave me a comment, I’d love to hear your take on what you think I might have missed, or even what points you agree with.

In addition to the weekly features, Wally has also called upon every site lead to answer a singular question. Our responses were then posted in a two-part series over at CttP.

The first collaborative effort revolved around the mis-use of talent. More specifically, Wally asked which player was being the most under-utilized in each organization. The American League blogs answers are found here, the National League will be posted tomorrow.

I would once again like to thank MCB’s newest additions, Matt and Zac Snyder, for taking up some of the slack around here and allowing me the extra time needed to add my weekly CttP feature to the daily grind of bring you Tigers coverage.

And I would be remiss if I didn’t also thank you, the reader, for making MCB one of the fastest growing sites on the FanSided network. None of this is possible without you.