Everyone Has an Opinion About Trade Deadline Time

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Please don’t take what you are about to read as personal slams against anyone. This is meant as more of a light-hearted look at what some people discuss around trade deadline time. We all need a laugh around this time of the year, especially when the Tigers were in the midst of their seven game losing streak. Not all of the trade chatter is the stuff of video games, but a lot isn’t very realistic.

Without further ado, a collection of trades proposed by fans:

Trade Johnny Damon for a top SS prospect

Send Jacob Turner, Casey Crosby, Casper Wells, and Ryan Strieby to the Florida Marlins for Josh Johnson and Hanley Ramirez

Jacob Turner, Andy Oliver, and a relief prospect for Dan Haren (In fairness, this might not be far off from Arizona’s initial asking price but is probably more than most fans would be willing to pay)

Acquire Zack Grienke from the Royals for Jacob Turner, Andy Oliver, Ryan Strieby, Daniel Schlereth and Wilken Ramirez

Jacob Turner, Andy Oliver and anyone else the Brewers want for Prince Fielder

We’ll keep adding to the list as more trade chatter ensues.