All Signs Point to Brandon Inge Remaining a Tiger


Brandon Inge hit the waiver wire on or before August 21 although there has been no news stating whether or not a claim has been made. Whether it be a lack of interest or an unwillingness to part was from the Tigers, it appears unlikely that Brandon Inge will play for anyone other than the Tigers for the remainder of this season. Fox Sports’ Jon Paul Morosi said as much via twitter:

"Spoke with a source who said he would be very surprised to see the #Tigers trade Brandon Inge before Tuesday’s deadline."

Morosi used his next tweet to speculate on Inge’s future:

"My gut still tells me that Inge will be a Tiger in 2011."

The St. Louis Cardinals and Atlanta Braves initially appeared to be potential landing spots for Inge but both clubs have since filled their third base needs in other ways.