Drawing Player Comparisons for Brennan Boesch

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Solid Major Leaguer Comparison: Jayson Werth

This is the comparison that brought this idea to my mind. It was later in the season and Brennan was well into his swoon. It was quite obvious that he was not going to be the player we saw for the first two months but there was also no reason to believe he would be as bad as he was in the depths of his slump. This question came to my mind: What will Brennan Boesch become?

I was watching part of a Phillies one day and it hit me. I would be a happy man if Brennan Boesch turned out to be like Jayson Werth. The comparison struck me as rather natural. Both men have larger than average frames for outfielders, yet they run better than one would expect. Both men possess good power but also have the ability to drive the ball on a line. Boesch has a lot of maturing to do before he can be compared to Jayson Werth but there are enough similarities to suggest that this might be a model that he could follow. While the Guerrero comparison was based on one predominant tendency, this comparison could be viewed as a top-end projection for Brennan Boesch‘s career.