Chicago White Sox Year in Review

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Continuing with the five-part series (well, six parts really) with the second best team in our division, Chicago.

-2010 W/L: 88/74 (+9)
-RS/RA: 752/704 (+28/-28)
-Starter ERA: 4.26 (-0.06)
-Bullpen ERA: 3.73 (-0.33)
-2010 Attendance: 2,194,378 (-89,785)
-Offense WAR: 18.0 (+7.6)
-Defense WAR: -3.4 (+1.5)
-Pitchers WAR: 22.5 (-1)

What went right?  This has to begin with Paul Konerko.  At age 34 (and in a contract year) Konerko gave the Sox a 158 OPS+ and 5 WAR.  That’s 1.5 WAR more than his previous career high, and this from a player assumed to be in decline after tepid performances from 07-09.  The big risk that the Sox took on last year’s waiver claim of Alexis Rios paid off.  After the horrible 2009 campaign in which is -2 WAR made him among the worst regulars in the league, Rios bounced back to 2.8 WAR, roughly equivalent to his 2006-2008 numbers.  The whole Sox rotation performed at or above expectations.  2.1 WAR from Freddy Garcia?  Sox fans have to be more than satisfied.  Jake Peavy didn’t stay healthy, but he pitched well when he was and Edwin Jackson filled in for him admirably after the trade.  The top-end of the bullpen was one of the best in the league, with J.J. Putz, Matt Thornton and Bobby Jenks.