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A Detroit Tigers Menu for Thanksgiving Dinner


The Linens and Fine China: Austin Jackson – No Thanksgiving meal can be fully enjoyed without breaking out the fine linens and that special china reserved for rare occasions. Yes, a properly set table is a must. Austin Jackson is that table setter for the Tigers. His combination of hitting for average to all fields and speed on the base paths ensure the rest of the Tigers “menu” has a chance to shine.

Turkey: Miguel Cabrera – The turkey is the star of any Thanksgiving dinner. Everyone around the table watches eagerly to see the turkey unveiled at dinner time. It sits large on the table and is filled with power packing protein. When it comes to the Tigers offense, everyone wants to see Miguel Cabrera perform. He is the focal point of the offense and the star of the team.

Mashed Potatoes: Will Rhymes – Mashed Potatoes conjure up images of toughness, grit and a workman-like existence. Will Rhymes has personified these traits since joining the Tigers midway through last season. He is about hard work rather than the glitz and glamor, yet was an important staple of the Tigers offense last season.

Stuffing: Brandon Inge – The stuffing is always a fan favorite and Brandon Inge has certainly become that in his time with the Tigers. The stuffing helps define a Thanksgiving plate just as Inge is one of the faces of the Detroit Tigers organization.

Cranberry Relish: Victor Martinez – The cranberries are a perfect compliment to the Turkey and the addition of Victor Martinez is meant to do just that. The Tigers have lacked the kind of respected hitter to protect Cabrera in the lineup. A little Martinez on the side of a healthy helping of Cabrera should help the whole meal shine.

Green Bean Casserole: Justin Verlander – The Green Bean Casserole is solid and dependable part of a Thanksgiving meal. Justin Verlander is the most dependable part of the Tigers rotation and brings a solid arsenal complete with dazzling velocity. Like Verlander, the green bean casserole brings a solid repertoire with some nice french fried onions on top.

Pumpkin Pie: Jose Valverde – The pumpkin pie is a classic, no Thanksgiving meal would be complete without a slice after dinner. Jose Valverde may be at the back end of the Tigers bullpen but it wouldn’t be the same without him. Like the pumpkin pie, Valverde is a treat with a bit of spice.

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