I’m Thankful For… Water Under the Bridge


What I’m most thankful for is that my optimism looking forward to next year need not border on self delusion.

I’m thankful that this is not November 2002.

I honestly believed that the Tigers would win 75 games in 2003… as it turned out I would have come closer to the truth if I had predicted 110 in 2010. Does anyone out there remember what it was like to be a Tigers fan back then?  It wasn’t so long ago, but winning has a way of blocking out those bad memories.

I’m thankful that the rookies we play now aren’t just playing because somebody has to.  Rushing Rick Porcello to the majors is a far cry from rushing Nate Cornejo.

I’m thankful that no Tiger in 2010, and none in 2011, could finish with more walks than strikeouts and an ERA of 4.76 – and be able to call himself the staff ace.

I’m thankful that no Tiger will lose 21 games next year… or 19… or 17.

I’m thankful that the Tigers have a closer now… and more than that I’m thankful that they need one.

I’m glad that Ramon Santiago and Brandon Inge are still around – but I’m definitely thankful that they learned how to hit a bit somewhere along the way.

Congrats to Andres Torres on his championship ring, but I’m glad nobody will match his .263 OBP in the leadoff slot next year.

I’m thankful that holes on the roster get filled with type-A free agents now, and now minor-league free agents.

I’m thankful that those free agents don’t avoid the big D like the plague, and thankful that they don’t have to pay a premium to get anyone to listen anymore.

I’m thankful that even if my team doesn’t make the playoffs, I don’t take a ribbing from fairweather Tigers fans for rooting for the team.

2003 is water under the bridge now… lets hope that seven years from now Lions fans can say the same.