The Dontrelle Willis Experiment Could Make Detroit Tigers More Cautious


I don’t usually like to play the trading game by speculating on what it would take to acquire a particular player. The exercise is almost entirely meaningless since we don’t know what either side would be willing to give up or what the other side would be interested in receiving.

That being said, I have wanted the Tigers to strike a deal for Zack Greinke since the hot stove season began. I don’t have to play the trading game because I really don’t care what it would take to get him, just do it. I wrote an article on October 8 presenting my thoughts. You can go back and read them, I don’t mean to rehash that article here.

While I would still love to see Greinke wearing the best home uniform in baseball (that’s right, it doesn’t involve pinstripes) I have recently begun thinking if the Tigers might be reserved when making a phone call to Kansas City, if they have any interest at all.

Fans that have followed Greinke’s career path know it hasn’t been a traditional one. He was a highly touted prospect but had a rough start to his career despite the obvious potential. Greinke was later diagnosed with depression and social anxiety disorder and missed almost the entire 2006 season.

His career has obviously been resurrected but I am left to wonder if the Tigers (again, if they happen to be interested) might be a bit gun-shy of a potential deal due to their experience with Dontrelle Willis and his anxiety disorder. The situations appear completely different because Greinke’s career took an upward path while Willis’ took a downward path. Even so, there is a bit of an unknown that must be considered.

I may be blowing this out of proportion, extrapolating personal experiences incorrectly, or just letting my mind wander but it struck me as interesting to consider.