The Sports Pages: Former Tigers and Holiday Gifts


“I always turn to the sports pages first, which records man’s accomplishments. The front page has nothing but man’s failures.”

– Earl Warren

Yesterday we learned that the Boston Red Sox have designated former Tiger Brent Dlugach for assignment in order to make room for reliever Bobby Jenks. The Tigers traded Dlugach to Boston for a player to be named later just after the season ended. At 27, Dlugach isn’t much of a prospect but is regarded as a good glove man with some extra base pop.

It’s possible that he could be returned to the Tigers as the PTBNL (in essence, traded for himself), but Detroit has no room on their roster either so I find that scenario unlikely. Given the depth of players like Dlugach already occupying roster spots in Detroit, there’s really no need for him, which is why he was traded in the first place.

In sticking with failed former Tiger infielders, in case you missed it, Adam Everett has re-joined the baseball world by agreeing to a minor league contract with Cleveland. If nothing else, the city of Columbus will be substantially prettier when Mrs. Everett comes to town to watch her man play for the Clippers.

Looking around the blogosphere, Bless You Boys has an interesting discussion going on about what gift you might give to Tigers players. Personally, I’d give Ryan Perry a razor so he could shave that ridiculous chip strap beard he like so much. Ugh.

Sticking with Kurt here for a minute, he had a strong reaction to my piece about Carl Pavano from Monday. He even went so far as to quote Queen on twitter. Oh Mama Mia, Mama Mia.

Some of these links are a bit older, as I haven’t done one of these in a while, but it’s always worth checking in with Samara at Roar of the Tigers, who celebrated Magglio Ordonez‘s re-signing with a wonderfully illustrated post. No one gives Sam anywhere near enough credit for her writing. She’s definitely one of the most talented in our corner of the interwebs.

Erin at Tigers Amateur Analysis takes us through some of the more strange gift options available to you this holiday season as she peruses the catalogue. I don’t care what she says, I want that toaster.

And speaking of holiday gifts, Rogo at DesigNate Robertson wasn’t to be outdone with his piece on the incredibly inflated prices of some odd Tigers merchandise. You know what sad, I actually own the Scrabble game. It was a gift, I swear. Have fun with this one.

We don’t expect a lot of hot stove action this time of the year. Typically, the weeks surrounding the holidays are quiet on the baseball front as free agents and front office executives alike are spending these days with their families instead of chatting it up with agents.

We here at MCB would like to wish you and yours a very special holiday season. In the past few months, our humble forum has exploded in terms of visits and readers. For that, I cannot thank you enough. Now we just need to start getting those comments rolling and we’ll really be getting somewhere. Don’t be shy people, I know you have opinions. The staff here is always grateful when you take the time to let us know your thoughts.

That’s all I got for this week kiddies! Enjoy the links!

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