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Armando Galarraga Likely Going to Arizona


In the past 15 months, the Arizona Diamondbacks have acquired two Tigers pitchers in Dontrelle Willis and Edwin Jackson. Niether one stuck around in the desert for long (although in fairness Jackson was traded by Arizona for Daniel Hudson). Now it appears that a new D-backs GM will go back to the same well his predecessors went to and make a deal with Detroit for starting pitcher Armando Galarraga.

I mean, it’s nice to know that another club likes the way we do things in Detroit, but I think the D-backs are targeting the wrong Tigers pitchers. Note to Kevin Towers: Jeremy Bonderman is still available as well if you’re happy with mediocre Tigers.

We learned over the weekend that Tigers GM Dave Dombrowski felt like a trade of the recently DFA’d Galarraga would happen this week. We also learned that the Diamondbacks were at least among the clubs that Detroit had talked to and Kurt passed along one of the names potentially involved.

Now this morning, SI’s Jon Heyman tweets that Arizona is likely to get their man. No further information is available at this time, but it sounds like a deal will happen quickly.

Galarraga has some value, but he probably doesn’t have a whole lot of it. I wouldn’t expect more than a C-level prospect in return, which is about what Kevin Eichhorn projects as. Even if you love Galarraga as a pitcher, the Tigers are dealing from a disadvantage here. They have to make a deal within the next four days or risk losing him to a straight waiver claim. It’s get something or get nothing, but either way you lose Galarraga.

We’ll pass along more information as we get it.

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