About That Whole Bonderman to the Tigers Thing… Nevermind


Such is life during the hot stove season I suppose, but mere hours after I waxed philosophical about the Tigers odds of re-signing Jeremy Bonderman, Tom Gage dropped this nugget today. Bonderman will not be returning to Detroit.

Gage’s post today talks about his recent conversation with Dave Dombrowski, who said “We are not signing Jeremy Bonderman.” Gage took that to mean that Bonderman has (or will) come to an agreement with another club on a major league contract, something he wouldn’t get from the Tigers.

From the sounds of it, we could find out about Bonderman’s landing place soon. On the other hand, it could be that Bonderman is simply unwilling to pitch on a minor league deal anywhere, including Detroit, and perhaps he’s decided to stay home this spring.

Dombrowski also stated flatly that the Tigers will not be signing Vladimir Guerrero. “There’s not a fit for us,” said Dombrowski. “We’re not involved with that at all and haven’t been.” Guerrero has been linked to the Tigers only through media speculation. I never saw a fit either, which is why I didn’t ever write a post about it.

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