Yeah…ummm I’m finally on Twitter!


Well I finally joined twitter folks! I guess I am only about four years behind the rest of the world. Go ahead, point and laugh everyone. I promise I’ll take it like a man… well sorta.

I encourage all of you to head on over to twitter so you can start following me. Go ahead… do it, do it, do it! Seriously, it’s not that hard… you can do it!

Alright, enough fun with YouTube… just head over to twitter and start following JAYRC_MCB.

With spring training finally upon us, my on location content will pick up this week as I take in a practice or two. You can also expect in game tweets for the ten to twelve games that I plan on attending. Twitter should be a good vehicle to let me keep you up to date on the Lakeland Flying Tigers this season too.

Well, as Mr. Chow says…Toodaloo