Tigers Close Ranks in Wake of Cabrera Arrest


The Detroit Tigers have closed the clubhouse to the media this morning and have stated that it will remain closed until after this morning’s workout. In the wake of slugging first baseman Miguel Cabrera’s arrest last night on DUI and resisting charges, Tigers manager Jim Leyland held a closed door meeting with his team today.

So far, the only Tiger who has spoken about the Cabrera situation is Carlos Guillen, a fellow Venezuelan and close friend of Cabrera’s.

Guillen is quotes by Tom Gage and also Jason Beck on twitter saying “(Cabrera’s) my friend. I’m worried. This is not good for us.” Guillen also stated that he “is shocked” and that “Sometimes you have people around you that are not good for you. You think they’re your friends, but they’re not really friends.” That last one appears to be in reference to the people Cabrera chooses to surround himself with and not inferring that Cabrera himself is not a true friend to Guillen, but we do lack context here.

Pat Caputo of the Oakland Press has a take worth reading. He talks about his personal relationship with Lary Sorensen and Steve Howe, both of whom were unable to conquer their demons. Let’s all hope that Cabrera won’t follow those two down this path he seems to be on.

Stay tuned here, we’ll have updates as soon as the media is allowed access to the team again later today.

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