FSD Announces April in the D Semi-Finalists


Fans all over the region loathe the month of April, but only partly because the Pistons stink and will bump the Tigers to something called “FSDplus” from time to time. A month that should be filled with Red Wings games as they make their playoff push and the Tigers exciting start to the baseball season instead has most of us clamoring for May.

Why, you ask? Because it’s Apriiiiiiiilll. April in the D.

Well, despite the hoards of angry fans, Fox Sports Detroit continues to run music videos themed around their slogan. It wouldn’t be so bad if these spots didn’t find their way into game broadcasts during every single commercial break. I swear, I pray for long innings just so I don’t have to hear that song again right away.

How did this all start? With the rock-themed version by Blacklist Union. That one wasn’t so bad, really. The stylings of the Good Luck Joes, however, well, I’m sure you recall.

I thought last year’s version was a bit better, at least. The Victorious Secrets brought us their Nirvana-esque rendition of the song last April. Where are the anarchist cheerleaders?

Well a new season is upon us and FSD is allowing you to vote for three semifinalists for the new April in the D song. As a personal favor, please go vote for the song that sucks the least. We are all going to have to hear it far, far too often.

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