Tiger Town: 2/24


The practice today was short due to the 16th Annual Major League Scramble that several players were attending. However, I was able to take in some action at the minor league camp over at Kaline Field. Other items of interest were a bullpen session from pitcher Charles Furbush. The Tigers wore their new batting practice jerseys today. I was not a big fan of the white stripe on the top of the back of the jersey. Tigers legend Willie Horton had his driver pull over so he could greet fans and sign autographs. A small child asked his father who the man was and if he was any good. The father replied, That man has a statue in the outfield of Comerica Park, they don’t go handing out those statues to just anyone. I couldn’t help but laugh. Live batting practice was also held today.

As I mentioned, I started off the day over at the Kaline Field watching Minor League Camp. Patrick Leyland,Wade Gaynor and Gustavo Nunez were some of the athletes practicing over there.

Third baseman Wade Gaynor flashed some leather, putting up some impressive plays  in the field. His arm looked pretty strong too on some long throws across the diamond. Known primarily for his bat, I look forward to seeing what he can do this season.

I took off shortly after batting practice began to catch the bullpen/live batting practice sessions across the street. As I mentioned earlier, I focused primarily on Charles Furbush. The most interesting matchup of his session came from his battles with Magglio Ordonez. I have video from two different angles. The third base angle can be viewed here. Notice the sliding drills just past the pitcher, behind the fence. I was amazed, the players slide on something similar to a slip and slide. It looked pretty entertaining. The right/center field angle can be seen here. Both angles were shot through chain link fence but came out quite well in my opinion. It was hard to call balls and strikes but he only gave up a few hits. Which either means he’s quite awesome or it’s really earlier. I’ll say a little bit of both.

Shortly after the bullpen session I walked back to the stadium entrance to take pictures and walk around. Around noon I had a Q&A session with Tigers prospect second baseman Brandon Douglas. It was an absolute pleasure meeting him, he’s a great guy. The interview will be posted on Monday with audio and text. We had a great 15 minute talk about everything from baseball to hunting and football.

I will be attending both Friday and Sunday games this weekend. Be sure to follow my in-game tweets. I will follow-up with evening recaps as well. Expect the usual pictures, videos and random info to be included. As I type this it is finally after midnight. Congratulations folks, the 2011 baseball season has finally arrived!


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