The Tigers Outfield Candidates


Maybe someone else will enter the picture, but at this point the candidates for the Tigers outfield reserve slot(s) appear to be Don Kelly, Clete Thomas, Brennan Boesch, Casper Wells & Andy Dirks. With the exception of Dirks, all have seen at least a bit of play in the bigs. But none of these guys have done anything terribly impressive there. Casper Wells put up good numbers in limited time last year, but in such a short time it’s hard to say that it is indicative of anything real. To look at talent, we’re left staring at their minor league numbers.

So without further ado:

Don Kelly:

Clete Thomas:

Brennan Boesch:

Casper Wells:

Andy Dirks:

However they perform in Spring Training this year, who do you think has the best shot to contribute to the big league club this year?