Breaking News: Eddie Bonine Still Not Good!


Tigers rock Eddie Bonine for 4 runs on five hits in two innings to beat the mighty Phillies 6-2 in a split squad game.

As far as I’m concerned, that’s the story of the day. I wish Eddie Bonine well, and I hope he finds a club that wants him to fill the long relief role that he held for the Tigers last year.

Still, I’m glad we’ll have someone else to come in when somebody feels a twinge midway through the second.

Also from the Tigers-Phillies duel, Ryan Raburn defied expectations by performing well in a game before the all-star break (even if that game didn’t count) with 3 RBIs on a triple and a home run. While it doesn’t make sense most of the time to get excited about performances in exhibition games, for Raburn it’s a little different. He has played himself out of the regular lineup before due to slow starts and has told the press specifically that his goal this year is to avoid such a cold start. Congratulations, Ryan, you’re on your way!