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Events of Cabrera’s Evening Come to Light


The Associated Press, is reporting that Miguel Cabrera was involved in a verbal run-in just before his arrest on suspicion of DUI last month. According to the report, Cabrera entered a Fort pierce restaurant at approximately 10:15 pm on the evening of his arrest and after being informed that the establishment was closing, threatened the manager and several patrons.

“I know all of you, and I will kill all of you and blow this place up,” He told the people inside the restaurant, according to the report. Cabrera patted his shoulder bag as he repeated the threat directly to the manager, insinuating that he was carrying a weapon.

No weapon was found at the time of Cabrera’s arrest an hour later when his Land Rover became disabled on a Florida road.

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Clearly, if this is true, it paints an ugly picture of the events leading up to the arrest of the Tigers’ star first baseman. It also all but dismisses any thought that Cabrera may not have been drinking before he got behind the wheel.

Cabrera was drinking directly from a bottle of scotch when officers arrived on the scene of his disabled vehicle, according to the arrest report. Not to make light of a bad situation, but if nothing else, that should explain the threats. Whiskey makes me a mean drunk, too.

How does this change the situation for the Tigers and Cabrera? Frankly, it doesn’t at all.

From the press conference given when Cabrera reported to camp with the Tigers, it was revealed that Cabrera had been open and forthright with the doctors evaluating his alcohol problem. I assume that means that the Tigers and Major League Baseball were already aware of this part of the evening in question.

Even if Cabrera didn’t mention his run-in at the local restaurant, I would not foresee any additional punishment coming from the Tigers or MLB. They feel they have a program in place to help Cabrera with his drinking issues. The legal troubles he finds himself in will run their course separately from the program that the Tigers or Major League Baseball have provided to the slugger.

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